Terrestrial Communications

High Altitude Platforms

Pieris Aerospace’s High Altitude Platform (HAP) solutions redefine terrestrial connectivity by combining the key benefit of high altitude, traditionally provided by satellites, with all of the benefits commonly provided by terrestrial infrastructure. The end result is a long-range terrestrial infrastructure solution that is not impeded by rough terrain or lack of ground infrastructure, and can be redeployed, serviced and modified as necessary.

Each HAP deployment can provide services in an area with a radius of up to 500 km. HAPs can provide not only low-latency high-speed connectivity, but also remote sensing and observation. This makes HAPs ideal for scientific and national security applications, for example maritime surveillance and border control. The HAP payload can be customized based on the requirements of a specific area and its commercial opportunities.

Our partnerships with some of the world’s largest Aerospace & Defence manufacturers and suppliers enable Pieris Aerospace to provide its customers with the right infrastructure regardless of the objective. Our team’s extensive experience with regulatory compliance with more than 50 regulators around the world enables us to rapidly fulfil the licensing requirements with either an ITU-compatible or locally defined regulatory regime depending on the operational altitude.

Whilst most of our other infrastructure solutions are primarily geared towards national and multinational telecommunications companies, governments and new regional market entrants, Pieris Aerospace’s HAP solution can enable smaller regional players within a country to substantially upgrade their capabilities. This is done by providing them with an incrementally deployed solution to achieve a technological competitive advantage and to grow into a national or multinational player.