Space Resource Extraction

Space Mining

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for consumer goods, technology and other resources including water. Many prominent scientists and organizations are sounding the alarm on growth sustainability, since the manufacturing of consumer goods and technology requires an ever-increasing quantity of rare-earth elements which exist on our planet in finite quantities.

As these crucial elements deplete over time, they will become more costly to use because of scarcity, leading to devastating consequences for economic and technological development.

However, all these resources exist on celestial bodies throughout our solar system and beyond in substantial quantities, which exceed the quantities which have ever existed on our planet. The ability to extract these resources from other celestial bodies and safely transport them back to Earth will provide the inhabitants of our planet with long-term resource sustainability, pending the future colonization of other planets.

Pieris Aerospace can provide its customers and investors with the necessary regulatory, legal and technical know-how to commence their first space mining mission. Our specialized team can provide a total solution which encompasses unmanned deployment of mining drones, remotely controlled recovery capsules, insurance, customs and taxation, all fine-tuned for the desired element, celestial body and volume.