Founded in 2006 as Kypros Satellites, the company was established with a vision to build, launch and operate global telecommunications infrastructure solutions using high-throughput satellite technology.

One of the most important prerequisites for the operation of communications satellite networks is the acquisition of regulatory rights with respect to the radio-frequency spectrum and orbital location from which it will operate. The acquisition of such rights is done through a “first come, first served” regulatory filing process, in accordance with the procedures of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), by national governments on behalf of licenced entities deemed capable and suitable to hold such rights. In 2008, the company was assessed as being suitable to hold such rights by the Republic of Cyprus.

In 2019, Kypros Satellites was renamed to Pieris Aerospace to reflect the company’s expansion into additional sectors and participation in infrastructure projects which involve technologies and methods of communications other than satellites.

Pieris Aerospace’s multinational teams include industry veterans and professionals with a combined work experience spanning approximately 50 satellite projects. The company is currently working on several innovative projects, which take advantage of next-generation ground and space technologies.

Pieris Aerospace has created partnerships with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, well-known in the aerospace industry for designing and manufacturing both well-tested and innovative technologies, for the purposes of implementing and deploying secure, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure deployments. Together with low operating overheads, these partnerships allow the company to provide our clients with attractive, low-cost infrastructure solutions.

Pieris Aerospace’s customers and partners include governments, telecommunications operators, digital media distributors, multinational corporations and other established satellite operators. The company provides complete infrastructure solutions, covering all aspects of deployment, including the design, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, insurance, ground systems and operations.

Pieris Aerospace is a member company of Planetvision Group, a boutique investment management group with a purpose to shape a better future.